covid precautions and decluttering by Fatboy Slims Moving Company

We naturally have a thing for collecting things and a mentality that “it’ll be used later”. As the years go by, your spacious home becomes a storage for knick knacks with little room to breathe. As you are preparing yourself for the big moving day, now will be the perfect opportunity to DE-clutter. It is not as overwhelming as you think.

Here are some helpful tips:


Here is what you determine which items are truly going to go to a donation, to the trash, garage sale or with you. Make an area as your ‘no clutter zone’. Always start on one side of the room, one room at a time. Each room should be labeled to keep organized. Ask yourself, do you love it? Are you going to use it? If the answer is no, get rid of it. Visualize your end result.


Okay! If I start on the big items such as clothing, I can tackle the small. WRONG! Once we clean out the closet and look at all of the little items around, motivation is gone and gets pushed off delaying your packing and adds stress! DE-clutter! You don’t want to be in your new home to see a box labeled ‘junk’ just to be taking space.


We understand, your day to day is occupied with work, or  your kids, school, activities, errands or your pets. Set time for yourself each day as you are getting closer to the move day to organize and pack. Be consistent as you can daily.


– Who said packing is stressful? It is a new chapter in your life so why not make the best of it and throw on your playlist as you sort through your items, share memories, get a good laugh in from all of those old silly costumes and Christmas sweaters, photos or sentimental items.

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