Packing Fragile Items – A How To Guide

packing fragile items a how to guide

Your fragile items and sentimental values are just as important to us as they are to you. To avoid your fragile items from getting damaged during transport to your new home, you want to make sure you’re using the right materials and implement proper packing techniques.

Use the right materials

Materials: Bubble wrap, dish and glasses packers, packing paper, newspapers, furniture covers, tape, plastic stretch wrap, towels, rags, packing peanuts, thick sweaters.

Packing Fragile Items

Safely and securely pack your breakable items by taping the bottom of the box of all open seams and corners. Secure the bottom of the box with extra stris of tape.

Build a base with cushion inside of the box with thick materials such as bubble wrap, towels or packing peanuts.

Wrap each item with packing paper, bubble wrap or towels or sweaters. Be sure to add additional material around thin areas such as wine glass stem or mug handles. Secure with tape.

Carefully place the items wrapped into the box always starting with the heaviest on the bottom. If you have pre-divided boxes, place the items in their compartments.

Fill in any gaps in the box with any materials to prevent your breakables from shifting. Include adding a layer on the top prior to sealing the box.

Mark Boxes as Fragile

Carefully mark each box as fragile. put it on the top and several sides of the box to make sure it’s seen. You could even use colored tape to help draw attention that the item is fragile.

Take your time

People often rush to get all the packing done. But when you are packing fragile items, it is especially important to take your time and be aware of what you are doing. Rushing and cutting corners could cost you on moving day. Read more of our Packing Tips.

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