Packing Tips

packing tips

Packing Tips for Moving. As you start planning and sorting, think about what your belongings are going to go into. Also what kind of materials are you going to use to keep them sturdy during the ride.

1. Declutter to pack less.

If you don’t need it, get rid of it. Lighten the work load and your stress by decluttering before you move

2. Create a moving checklist.

It is helpful if you include a timeline. By visually organizing your move it can reduce stress and maintain order.

3. Don’t over pack a moving box.

This can cause breakage. We provide boxes and materials at your convenience, but if you choose your own, be sure they are durable and the correct size. Consider flattening your boxes after a move and store for later.

4. Place heavy items in small boxes

rather than large, or place them in totes. Take advantage of your suitcases! They are useful for packing as well. Lastly, make sure to pack an essential tote for the new house you’ll use immediately.

5. Label your boxes!

Nothing screams, “this sucks” than blindly guessing where to put boxes in and attempting to stay organized. This will cause stress and delay for not only you and your family, but for our professionals who are helping and extremely busy.

6. Book Early

If you are hiring movers or moving services book early. Waiting can mean paying higher prices and not getting the dates you want.

7. Schedule utilities, cable, or internet services

When the dates are finalized, you should contact your utility services to turn off in the old home and to turn on in the new one. Keep a record of the requests.

8. Keep the essentials with you

Before the move, keep everyday essentials in a bag. A change of clothes, toothbrush, must have toys for the kids, medications, water bottles, etc.

We hope you enjoyed this list of packing tips for moving. Read our blog post about packing fragile items.

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