Moving with Kids and Pets can be Overwhelming

moving with kids and pets can be overwhelming
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We love our pets as they are part of the family. Moving can cause stress and anxiety to them just as much as humans, especially when unexpected activities arise in their home or introduced to a new environment. But, they are smart and will pick up sudden changes. Here are a few helpful tips to make the experience a bit calmer for your beloved companion(s).

  • Prepare their kennel to prevent them from running away. Provide blankets and toys to make them feel comfortable and at ease.  

  • Upon moving day, keep your pets in a quiet room with the door shut or at a friend’s house. This will ensure your pet does not make a quick getaway while the movers load up the truck.

  • Contact your vet if you’re moving out of the area. You would want to take copies of medical records and any prescription medications that way you can provide for the new veterinary clinic.

  • Whether it’s your dog, cat, guinea pig, bird, fish or exotic animals, make sure you check in with your pets regularly. Try to keep your routine with them as consistent as possible with their feeding time or walks in the midst of all the changes to help them.

  • When it is time to leave, take your pets with you in your vehicle. Secure the crate/kennel/cage in the backseat. Some animals feel more comfortable with a blanket over their carrier during a car ride.

  • Do not open their carrier until they have arrived inside the new home. Even if they are usually well-behaved. You would want to give your pet a few days to get accustomed. Take advantage of this new transition. Confine them to a section of the house.