How to Lower Your Moving Costs

moving on a budget - how to lower moving costs

The process of moving can be overwhelming, but there are ways to make it less painful if you’re on a budget. Below is an outline with helpful tips designed specifically to lower your moving costs.

1. Professional Movers vs. DIY

If you are planning on hiring professional movers, make sure to get quotes from several companies before making any final decisions. If it’s during an “off-season” for moving business then be ready to pay lower rates than what might otherwise apply – this could save up 30%! Did someone mention fall or winter? Those two seasons offer cheaper prices compared with springs and summer moves.

2. Try Not To Pay For Boxes

The best way to save money when moving is by securing your own move with free boxes. There are plenty of opportunities available on Craig’s List, including coming across recycled goods at grocery stores or liquor stores which can provide you enough material for the job!

3. Sell or Donate Non-Essential Belongings To Lower Your Moving Costs

One of the most important parts about moving is to make sure you only bring what’s necessary. All those extra things can really add weight and cost, so get rid if them before hand! You may be surprised at how much money people will pay for old bookcases or gym weights.

Consider donating old books that you don’t need anymore, especially hardcovered books. You can earn a tax deduction for your donations and they are also heavy so less weight, less cost!

4. Measure the Dimensions of Your New Space

Measure the dimensions of any new home before moving furniture in order make sure anything bulky that won’t fit nicely into the space doesn’t get moved. Sell or donate what doesn’t work out.

5. Pay Close Attention to Utility Shut off Dates to Lower your Moving Costs

Sometimes your billing cycle for utilities doesn’t work well with your moving day. Cut your services early to you don’t have to pay an extra month’s bill. While living without electricity might be tough, you could probably make it with out cable.

6. Have your Packing Done Ahead of Time

Moving companies can charge by the hour along with mileage. It’s beneficial to have your packing completed before the movers arrive so you don’t keep them any longer than necessary.

7. Stage your Boxes

Make it easier for movers and cheaper for you by staging the boxes in the garage with clearly labeled boxes with the name of the room they are going to.

8. Use What you Have for Packing

Save money by filling up containers you already have, like plastic bins or suit cases. Then use linens, or sheets to wrap up items. Any additional packing materials can be purchased from a recycled box company or local business.

9. Moving Insurance

Protect your items with moving insurance. If you do have a lost or damaged item, more than likely it will cost you more than the insurance fee to replace it.

10. Moving Expenses May Be Deducted From Your Taxes if You Qualify

Keep your receipts. If you relocated for a new full-time job that is at least 50 miles away from your previous home, you can deduct packing costs, transporting, or storing household goods.

The process of moving can be a huge undertaking, but there are ways to keep your moving costs down and make it less painful if you’re on a budget. We hope you enjoyed our outline with helpful tips designed specifically for those who want to lower your moving costs. Read more packing tips.

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